InsomniMania – Various Composers

  • Insomnimania - Various Composers
    Jenny Lin, piano

    Release date: July 8, 2008

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  • “…delicious new disc. Stocked with pieces thematically tied to nighttime dreams and anxieties…Lin is a diligent study, the kind of artist you can trust to take you anywhere she wants to go, and it’s not hard to hear how she herself might be kept up nights. There’s a distilled, unflagging energy that permeates her performances, and a clean, crisp force to the sound she gets out of her instrument…Lin flies through its intense aerobic demands with characteristically inexhaustible fingers.” – Molly Sheridan, Time Out New York

    “There’s no danger of falling into a slumber while listening to pianist Jenny Lin’s new disc, a collection of music about dreams and night. The 10 selections by American composers travel widely in stylistic terms, from John Cage’s haunting “Dream” and insouciant rags by John Musto and William Bolcom to Frederic Rzewski’s poignant, chilling “Mayn Yingele” and beyond. Lin is a keyboard conjurer who addresses each work with a fine sense of pacing, articulation, atmosphere and brilliance, as if she were immersed in an intense artistic trance. Grade: A” – Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer Music Critic

    “… American pianist Jenny Lin’s “InsomniMania” (**** out of four stars, Koch International Classics) is particularly inspired…The entire album, beautifully paced and performed with striking technical command, emotional intensity and nuance, casts an alluring spell…Pour yourself a nightcap and wait for the sunrise.” – Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press