• Bach’s presence also hovered over the featured artist of the evening, the dynamic pianist Jenny Lin, who played 5 of the 24 Preludes and Fugues by Shostakovich… On this night she was beautifully attentive to the Neo-Classical formalities and elegance of the Shostakovich works, while bringing out the modernist twists and harmonic pungencies.

    Anthony TommasiniThe New York Times

    Barrage of Shostakovich Wows Piano Festival Crowd – Portland’s 12th Annual International Piano Festival provided an intriguing evening spent with noted pianist Jenny Lin and the Prelude and Fugue compositions of both Dmitri Shostakovich and Johann Sebastian Bach… (the) choice of particular Preludes and Fugues, coupled with Jenny Lin’s masterful technique and emotional connection with the material, made the evening a resounding success.

    Aaron BerenbachOregon News

    …pianist Jenny Lin may have established herself with the most imaginatively conceived program of the year… Anyone lucky enough to have been there … will probably agree that this was a recital that will not easily be forgotten.

    Stephen SmoliarThe San Francisco Examiner

    Pianist Jenny Lin gave a recital…that was as thoughtfully conceived as it was beautifully executed. …deeply felt performances. She introduced each group with relaxed, informative remarks that seemed the perfect complement to her graceful musicmaking. Dohnanyi’s 1927 paraphrase on themes from Johann Strauss’s “Die Fledermaus” concluded this extraordinarily satisfying evening.

    Patrick RuckerThe Washington Post

    …enterprising program…nimble fingers…a keen ear for harmonic subtleties…exquisite sensitivity.

    Scott CantrellThe Dallas Morning News

    No one who has heard the latest recording by the pianist Jenny Lin – “Preludes to a Revolution,” a series of predominantly lyrical effusions from the pre-Soviet and early Soviet era, on Hänssler Classic – will need to be told that Ms. Lin has a gift for melodic flow. Nor will such listeners need to be told about the range of her curiosities, running on the album to the music of Aleksei Stanchinsky, Ivan Wyschnegradsky and Arthur Lourié. What that album did not fully show was her remarkable technical command or her deep commitment to contemporary music. Those aspects of her artistry will dominate in her next recording, “The 11th Finger,” to judge from her program of that title in the Thalia Theater at Symphony Space on Thursday evening.

    James R. OestreichThe New York Times

    Jenny Lin’s towering talent at piano awes crowd [HEADLINE] The phenomenal virtuosity of pianist Jenny Lin…catapulted hypnotized listeners into three standing ovations at her Spoleto Festival debut…

    Nada ArnoldSpoleto Festival USAThe Post and Courier

    … Lin’s confident fingers scampered over the keyboard in Nordschow’s “Detail of Beethoven’s Hair,” making the frenetic free-jazz phrases look effortless… spectacular technique…

    Gail WeinThe Washington Post

    Heroines did emerge, with Ruth Crawford Seeger prominent among them. Ms. Lin, who has recorded that composer’s complete piano music, played five of her nine brilliant Preludes (1924-8), doing full justice to the sparkle, depth and contrast of these complex and varied pieces. (Other highlights of Ms. Lin’s strong recital included Elsa Barraine’s misty, evocative “Hommage à Paul Dukas” and the Kapralova piece.)

    Anne MidgetteThe New York Times

    Like a speaker whose inflections and emphasis catch your attention, Jenny Lin …gave a performance of the Mozart Concerto No. 15 that really spoke to the audience. From the authoritatively crunched B-flat arpeggio that announces the keyboard’s role in this concerto, Lin proved herself worthy of attention.

    Lesley ValdesThe Philadelphia Inquirer

    American Pianist Jenny Lin’s “Piano on the Edge” concert, a program of music by 20th century women composers, confirmed her growing reputation in the vanguard of young artists with an interest in unusual repertoire and the technique to give it life.

    Victor Carr,

    With the soloist Jenny Lin, an up-and-coming pianist took on the solo part, who integrated s well with the orchestra that the two seemed to melt into a single expression. Without the need for undue rhythmical liberties, she acted sovereign.

    Rainer HennDie Rheinpfalz (Germany)

    As far as the pianist Jenny Lin is concerned, one has to make a clear distinction: she is not merely a promising artist, but a true, first class, concertizing reality. She has not only bravura, flawless technique and youthful temperament; but also a class that is perceptible at once, and that puts her on a different level.

    Bernardino ZappaL'Eco di Bergamo (Italy)

    Jenny Lin has all the qualities. “Dantesque” is the program, and so is the performance (…) Interpreter as much as virtuoso, Jenny Lin possesses a brilliant technique, flexible and nervous, precise and carefully articulated. After the exuberance of the Dante Sonata or two of Ligeti Etudes, Jenny Lin has summarized her art with a performance of Liszt’s B minor Sonata at once well conceived, clear, lucid, whereas so many virtuosos go astray.

    Albin JacquierTribune de Genève (Switzerland)

    Right from the first note of the Beethoven Concerto #4, Jenny Lin fascinated the audience with her gorgeous sound, and above all with the exquisite taste of her musical conception.

    Gonzalo BadenesEl Pais (Spain)

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