Guy Klucevsek: Hope Dies Last

  • Guy Klucevsek: Hope Dies Last
    Jenny Lin, piano
    Violin, Todd Reynolds

    Release date : December 2023

    Available at:
    Apple Music

  • After retiring from performing in late 2018, Klucevsek wrote much of the music for this new album. Seventeen of the nineteen tracks are heard here for the first time, including the premiere of his 6-movement suite for Laurie McCants’ multimedia Industrious Angels.

    These recordings feature such stellar musicians as pianist Jenny Lin and violinist Todd Reynolds. The music varies from the simple, deeply moving Dear Werner and the hauntingly spare melody of How Slow the Whistle Sang to the wildly raucous clanging of a toy piano in “A Little Madness in the Spring” and the powerful blasts, from multiple, full-throated accordions, in String of Garlands.

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