The Voices of Taiwan – MA, SHUI-LONG

  • Voices of Taiwan - Ma, Shui-Long

  • In this age, technology enables the digital preservation of records for the education and enjoyment of the next generation. Years from now, generations can enjoy “The Voices of Taiwan” by listening to the CDs published by the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Centre.

    Bandi Concerto composed by Ma Shui-long, Metempsychosis by Pan Hwang-long, The Dream of the Red Chamber Symphony by Lai Deh-ho, and many other classical works are collected in The Voices of Taiwan as part of the Taiwanese musical treasury.

    “We invited more than 30 composers to join the Voices of Taiwan project”, said Tchen Yu-chiou, chairperson of the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Centre, “They are Taiwan’s DNA.”

    This month the cultural centre issues three albums of senior Taiwanese composers. They are Ma Shui-long, Pan Hwang-Long, and Lai Deh-ho, outstanding figures in Taiwan’s classical music history.

    Ma is known for combining different cultural elements in his work. Educated in Germany, he is often praised for creating his own style by integrating western musical structures with Chinese instruments. Pan is Dean of the College of Music at Taipei National University of the Arts. His compositions have been widely performed by numerous ensembles around the world, such as the Oesterr Ensemble fuer Neue Musik, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Taiwan’s Ju Percussion Group, NSO, and so on.